Tsuru lab's research interests are in measurement, control, and management on computer and communications networks.

Computer and communications networks such as Internet, which are formed by an integration of wired/wireless communication media and technologies, provide diverse services (applications) to diverse users. Such systems are characterized by their diversity, complexity, and large scale, and thus an effective resource sharing is the key issue for their performance, reliability, security, fairness, cost-efficiency and so on. Our lab has been focusing on technologies for the measurement/inference of network states and characteristics and for the control of dynamic network resource allocation, which are essential to realize an effective resource sharing.

Keywords: Wired network, Wireless network, Delay/Disruption/Disaster Tolerant Network (DTN), Software-Defined Network (SDN), Internet of Things (IoT), Network tomography, Packet sampling/filtering, Routing control, Congestion control, Spatio-temporal scheduling, Network coding, Erasure correction coding, Information compression.
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